SINCE 1979


Mrs. Wheat's New Orleans Meat Pies

Grab & Go N'awlins Culinary Cuisine 

Management Team

Jim Wheat, President

My mothers friends loved her meat pies, that's how it all started. They talked her into opening a business and sharing her delicious recipes with the world. I am proud to continue that tradition.

Bryant Wheat, Sales & Business Development

We still use my grandmother's original recipes from her home town of Natchitoches Louisiana with our special New Orleans flavor... and it's so darn good...Continuing the tradition as 3rd Generation.

April Wheat Synder, Accounting Manager

I loved my grandmother...She was so beautiful, inside and out. We share a piece of her spirit every time we sell one of her meat pies. She would be so proud...3rd generation strong!

Rick Aromy / Director of Plant Operations

When Jim Wheat offered me my job, I never realized just how much history is in every product we make. I'm proud to be a part of the Mrs. Wheat's Team, and I'm proud of our employees who take pride in every pie we produce to perfection...