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Mrs. Wheat's New Orleans Meat Pies

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Mrs. Wheat's - Home of the Original Natchitoches Meat Pie

In 1985 the Honorable Joe Sampie' , Mayor of Natchitoches, Louisiana declared Mrs. Wheat's Meat Pie's " Home of the Original Natchitoches Meat Pie". We were very honored and proud. The Natchitoches Indians were a small tribe in Louisiana that unfortunately disappeared in the late 1800's as they melded in with other local tribes and sold off their lands in the area to french creoles. Though the pies resemble a Spanish empanada, it is believed they originated with the Natchitoches Indians. Mrs. Helen Wheat, founder of our company, was a Home Economics teacher in Natchitoches who perfected her recipes over the years before taking them to the Greater New Orleans area. They were first introduced there at her restaurant called Wheaty's and at the Jazz and Heritage Festival. Folks just loved them. They were as equally popular there as they were in the Northern part of our state. As the years flew by, local N'awlins seasonings and herbs were experimented with and added though our original pie has not changed. Our meat and seafood pies are a unique combination of creole, in other words.... old world, spanish, and french heritages. .

Mrs. Wheat's Meat Pie's are the " Home of the Original Natchitoches Meat Pie"