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Mrs. Wheat's New Orleans Meat Pies

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Why Mrs. Wheat's

New Orleans food items are popular every where from restaurant menu's to grocery stores and everything in between with good reason. The cuisine has evolved over the years from various cultures into a unique combination creating what we call today, Creole and Cajun. To simplify, it is a combination of various herbs and spices and even a way of cooking and fusing together unique ingredients. Cooking in the state of Louisiana differs from elsewhere in the country, but even within the state itself, the cuisine from New Orleans has a distinct flavor that can be found no where else. Mrs. Wheat's pies are the perfect blend of that fusion.

Where Mrs. Wheat's

Our pies are a caterer's dream food and stadium's love 'em as do the crowds. They sell as quickly as they are fried at festivals. Other fun venues are fairs, theme parks, cruise ships, casino's and sports events.

The perfect item for C-stores which continue to evolve and grow, our pies also fit nicely in nursing homes, penal institutions, offshore facilities, and cafeterias, camps, hospitals and day cares.

Who Mrs. Wheat's

We have many wonderful distributors and are actively seeking additional distributors who are looking for a product which is easy to market and sell to a variety of folks. We seek distributors who will be as committed to us as we are to them.

We are happy to meet with your sales staff for training purposes as needed. We have many requests from consumers in North Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi just waiting to be filled. We also have caterer's from coast to coast seeking distributors. New Orleans cuisine is popular in any state.t, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Our pies are fast and easy to cook, yet, with each bite, folks enjoy the culinary experience New Orleans is known for. We offer two sizes, classic, which are great for meals and mini's which are wonderful as starters or Hors d'oeuvres. The market place is waiting. Our contact information is below or you may hit the contact link above to send us an email. 

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