SINCE 1979


Mrs. Wheat's New Orleans Meat Pies

Grab & Go N'awlins Culinary Cuisine 

We've been producing meat pies for over a quarter of a century. Our humble beginnings started back in 1979 with a New Orleans Restaurant while also offering pies at the now famous New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival which we are still a part of to this day. Due to the extreme popularity of our pies, Mr. Jim Wheat, opened a manufacturing facility in 1985 and began producing pies for distribution through various food channels, making Mrs. Wheat's one of the first to offer Louisiana style meat pies to the state and the rest of the country not just on a local level. Meat pies had long been sold regionally. Historically, folks recall children carrying trays on city streets calling out "Hotta Meat Pies"!

Mrs. Wheat's Meat Pies offers a variety of Louisiana style pies from seafood to the traditional ground beef pie but what sets them apart is the special attention to various herbs and spices in the fillings giving them a New Orleans flair. Mrs. Wheat's Pies are consistent with the type of upscale cuisine folks are accustomed to when it comes from New Orleans, yet because it comes in the form of hand held pies, they can enjoy this cuisine on the go anytime, anywhere, and at a reasonable price. Some descriptive words folks have used to describe their taste are rich, robust, bursting with flavor, a treat for the taste buds, a connoisseur's on the go delight!